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  • 1) Players participate in the game at their own risk.
    2) Do not use unnecessary force that might cause damage to tools, equipment. All objects in the rooms must be handled with care.
    3) Any personal damage that a player might suffer by violating the house rules will be entirely their responsibility.
    4) People under influence of alcohol and/or drugs are not allowed to play the game. MysteryGame remains the right to deny the access to the game for this reason, without giving a refund.
    5) Smoking is prohibited in the playing area.
    6) Do not take inside the rooms any kind of dangerous object nor try to use any of these.
    7) Players must not take any objects from the game rooms.
    8) Do not touch objects marked with a „do not touch” sticker.
    9) Food and drinks are not permissible in the game rooms.
    10) Children below 18 years old must be accompanied by adults.
    11) You are not allowed to take photos, record sounds or make videos inside the rooms.
    12) Teams are required to show up 10 minutes prior to the booked time in order to have enough time to receive information regarding the rules of the game. If the team is late depending on availability the 60 minutes to escape the room will be decreased.
    13) Cameras in operation in the playrooms and the waiting room.
    14) To be admitted you must confirm your full name, phone number and e-mail address.
    15) You receive the confirmation of your booking via e-mail. It is a noreply e-mail adress. If you have any question please contact us using
    16) The company may contact you from time to time with offers and promotions via e-mail.
    17) The team agree with the terms and conditions by booking.

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